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Retrospective I: A Primer on the Sad Truths of Slavery in Asheville, Buncombe County and Western North Carolina

In a previous post (How Did 1900 Asheville Happen?: A Retrospective in Five Parts–1850-1900), I indicated that over the next while I would be intermittently preparing a series of retrospective posts looking at a question about pre-1900 Asheville:  How did Asheville move … Continue reading

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The End of the (Wagon) Road in North Carolina: The Whisnants and Austins in the Down-Mountain Counties, 1760-1865

My previous post took the Visinands/Whisnants from Germany to Lancaster County PA, where they lived for (it seems) about thirty years before loading their possessions and progeny into Conestoga wagons and taking the Great Wagon Road south into the North Carolina piedmont. This current post … Continue reading

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Whisnants on the Move: Germany, Lancaster County PA and the Great Wagon Road

Who among us has not received at least one “once-in-a-lifetime chance” to purchase (at a limited-time-only reduced price) a handsome family crest wall plaque, together with a gold-embossed, [insert your family name here] genealogy book in which your very own name is … Continue reading

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Into the Asheville Bowl: Channels and Streams

Having in the previous post delineated at least some major features of Asheville’s geophysical situation (elevation, rings of mountains, rivers, gaps), the eradication and removal of the Cherokees, and early land speculation, we move to consider the streams themselves (demographic and otherwise) … Continue reading

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